07 April 2011

Wet Paint

Yesterday I told my host mom I would make a cake for dessert and Mexican food for dinner. Then today I told my 1oth form kiddos if they ALL did their homework then I would bring them cookies. So to kill three birds with one stone I decided to make mexican cookies (partly because I couldn't find all of the spices I needed for Mexican food).

When I walked had gone in the house for lunch my host mom told me to be careful and not step on the doorframe because she had just painted the floor. No problem.

... until I went back to make the cookies. She apparently painted the doorframe going from the kitchen to the bedroom and also the frame going from the bedroom to the bathroom. I stepped on BOTH of them (luckily with the same foot). I told her about it as she walked in and as I did so I felt like a little kid that had just done something my parents told me not to do. Luckily she didn't care. :) So I went and changed my socks.

Then after dinner I went to go brush my teeth and what do you think I did ? Oh, that's right. I stepped in the paint. Again. In my NEW clean socks. Go me.

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