06 April 2011

Too good to be true

This morning I woke up and did my daily facebook and email check. My inbox (thankfully) is never really full... maybe 2 or 3 emails unless a lot of stuff happened overnight and my students and their friends started adding me as their friend or commenting on my pictures on the Russian Facebook and I'm not sure how to make it so I don't get those email notifications because, well, it's all in Russian.... and in that case, I can have 30 new messages (EEK!!!).

Anyways, when I do this check, the first sender I look for is my dad and I read his messages first. Then comes my aunt (who always sends great recipes or funny stories or old photos she's found), and then comes the rest. Well, lucky for me I had received TWO from both of them! I'm only going to talk about the emails I received from my dad because that's the whole reason I'm writing this post.

The first email was saying he finally found those American Airlines vouchers I'd given him before I left and before he moved, and unfortunately all but one were expired and he couldn't get an extension. I'd received one of those when my trip to Paris this time last year was cancelled due to the volcano and the others were for, well, I don't remember now. But, oh well. Moving is hectic and it's only money.

... but then I looked at the subject of the second email from him and it was Itinerary-Chisinau, Moldova and I thought to myself, "Yay! He finally booked his trip for August! No turning back for me now!" (don't worry... there's no turning back anyways). Then I looked at the dates: April 19, depart New Mexico, April 20, Arrive Chisinau. Was I seeing this right? I mean, he'd told me a month or so ago that he wished he could surprise me for Easter but it wasn't going to work out, and then with the vouchers expiring, maybe he was able to work it out anyways... so my heart started racing and I was so excited and so I called him as tears we welling up in my eyes to find out if he was really coming in just a couple of weeks....!!!!!?????

Nope. Somehow the dates got changed and aren't even close to what they were supposed to be (July 30-August 14). Not sure how that happened. So, even though it really was too good to be true, it still started my sick day off great and I hope to be back at school tomorrow and all ready to go. Plus now I know he is really going to book the flight soon (even though there was no doubt in my mind).

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