29 April 2011

Easter Monday

Monday started off rather calm. I had plans for 2pm, but other than that my schedule was open. At 11 I received 2 invitations for noon: one for the river for a birthday party, and the other for a trip to the forest. Because I had already promised I'd attend the birthday party, that took priority, although it did make me late to the 2pm celebration (but it's ok because her parents were late, too).

So once we arrived at the spot near the river, the kids immediately started getting the bbq ready.

Then, just before the meat was done, we got a call that said a car had gone in to the river and so we had to go help pull it out (or, in my case, take pictures). I'm not exactly sure what happened, but I think there is usually a ferry there that cars can go on to go from one side of the river to the other, but as to why the car was going fast enough not to stop when he realized it wasn't there, I'm not so sure. Regardless, the car (and the owners) went for a little swim.

After the care was pulled out, we enjoyed our meal and then I booked it over to my next stop to visit Valentina and her parents, who are home from Moscow. We enjoyed shrimp and conversation, where I made the mistake of saying a girl that is having a wedding in the next couple of weeks and she is only 16 is not very smart... but what I didn't know was Valentina's mother and the other woman that was there both got married at 17. I guess that extra year helps...? :-/ I was embarrassed by the comment, but I don't think they took it to heart (at least I hope not!)

On the way home I got to see a beautiful sunset, which tied the relaxing day together perfectly. I love being on vacation.

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