07 April 2011


Tonight we had our first spring rain storm. It was awesome, short, and beautiful (even though it means it's supposed to rain the rest of the week). But the ironic thing is a friend had asked me about my mom today because he didn't know she had died, and he wanted me to tell him about her... so I mentioned her love for frogs (among many other things).

Guess what I saw when I walked outside after dinner and after the rain?

3 frogs.

Which was my mom's first (and only) email address: frogs3@somethingIforgotnow.net (because there were 3 frogs: me, my sister, and my mom).

One who I literally scared the **** out of let me hold it for awhile and minus being scared at first, it seemed to relax. It's crazy how things work out like that.

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