29 April 2011

Easter Friday

My Easter Friday plans of going to tour the Milesti Mici winery with other volunteers got cancelled today after another night of having difficulty falling asleep. I think it was probably due to the fact that I knew I needed to sleep because I had to wake up at 3am (yes, 3am) in order to catch the public transportation to be able to make it to Chisinau on time. You see, I could have taken the 5:40 rutiera, but that could have put me at the gara (bus station) at anywhere from 9:05 to 9:30, and I had to be at Peace Corps (a 10 minute walk) by 9:20 to catch the rutiera to the Mici... so that was pushing it. So instead, my next option was the 3:40, which would get me to the gara by 7:30... plenty of time to spare. Unfortunately, like I said, I couldn't fall asleep, so I cancelled the trip. I was looking forward to it but that would have been another 8 hours of traveling + about 30 minutes each way to the winery + little sleep = cranky Cate. So, I didn't go.

Instead I stayed home and helped my host mom color her hair. There was still about 1/2 of the bottle left when we were done so I jokingly said I should use it to color my hair. She said, OK! Well, I'm quite happy with my long, thick, now 100% natural blonde hair so I had to explain to her that there wasn't enough it the bottle, that I was just joking, and I'm never coloring my hair again. It was nice of her to share, though. That then led us to the conversation of what color her hair was before it turned a beautiful salt and pepper gray. She said it was similar to mine, very long- and she would show me. I thought she was going to pull out some photographs, but before I knew it she was in my room with a braided ponytail. She said when she was 21 she used the water from the well to wash her long, wavy hair, and for some reason it caused it to knot up really bad and stick together. So she had no choice but to cut it off- and that she sure did! ... and she kept it!

So after the hair-extravaganza, I continued my studying for the GRE that I'd begun in the morning (err, late morning/early afternoon since I slept in until 9!). I am officially booked to take it when I'm home this summer, which means now it's hardcore study time. I have a book and it is extremely helpful, but there is only so much information a brain can absorb in one day. But 7pm I'd had enough and I was getting a lot of the practice questions wrong (which is very discouraging), so I decided to call it good.

Today we had two short rain showers mixed with sun, and I hear the rain coming back again. It's a quarter till midnight so I'm going to call it a night. The good thing is I am now all caught up on these posts so hopefully I won't be "recapping" anymore and they'll be more exciting! Poftim!

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