13 July 2009


Today Linda and I played in a field of sunflowers. It was heaven. Minus the unexpected bees everywhere (no stings this time- no worries!)

If I could carry sunflowers with me all the time, then I am pretty sure I would always be happy :) I just see them and smile! When we are driving, and we go past a field of sunflowers, I stop talking, look out the window, and just get in a world of my own.

(photos coming soon... they haven't been uploading the past 2 days!)

01 July 2009

Munich: reunited after a lifetime

Munich was great... after I calmed down a bit. It was hard leaving my dad, and then entering in to a cold and rainy country. It was so cold that, in fact, I had to wear a WINTER coat. Depression began to sit in, but once the skies started clearing up and it was getting warmer... I found Anke (my nanny from when I was 5, and whom I have not been in contact with in 10 years)! Just an incredible reunion... and she has a daughter, Lina, who is 5. We had fun going to Lina's horseback riding classes, baking chocolate chip cookies (totally organic), and visiting the school that Anke and Tommy have founded. It was great to be reunited with them, and I cannot believe it took this long.

This just shows the power of the internet... and, for me, how important it is to be in contact with people.