18 April 2011


In the midst of going through all of my photos I have taken since I first arrived in Moldova a lot of things came to my mind. First of all, how fast time has flown. Secondly, Moldova is SO different from season to season. I realize that Kansas has the same seasons as Moldova but I never really took the time to document the season like I am here. Now I have photos from summer, fall, winter, and now spring (because it's finally here and I'm LOVING all of the colors and blooming flowers!). With each changing season came new stories, new experiences, new emotions, and new things to be learned. I'm not going to lie... I am having one of those "sad moments" but I will soon be going to bed and I will be starting a new day which I know will be sunny and I will be doing some morning yoga... so definitely things to look forward to!! And I also know that time is passing very quickly and in 43 1/2 days I will be back in KC. OH I can't wait!!!!

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