16 February 2010

Sports, Guilty Pleasures, and Mom

My roommate is such a huge sports fan. In fact, tonight I was browsing status updates on facebook and saw that the Jayhawks are 11-0. So, I tell him this, in case he didn't already know. Then I say, "and how are those Gator's doing?" He then tells me that not only are they doing better than 11-0, but they're not even in the same conference which is why they're doing better than that so I shouldn't even try to talk sports. Lesson learned: don't talk sports... especially when trying to talk trash on sports... without doing some research first.

My roommate is also a huge fan of those guilty pleasure shows. His excuse for it is that he's a middle school teacher so he has to be up on what the kids are watching. I think it's just because he is a softy at heart. His show for tonight (after the Olympics, which he also told me I know nothing about. This is true..): One Tree Hill.  Now, this is a show I really don't know anything about! He'd pause it, and then correctly predict to me what was going to happen later on in the show. I didn't care, nor did I understand the plot, but it's entertainment. But, thanks to my psychology and journalism classes, I learned media does have an influence on the mind. Because my mind likes to wander, in particular when I think something relates to my life, this can be either a really good or a really bad thing for me. In this case, I think it was both. See, as I walk in the house, I see and hear a woman in this show telling her grandson she wasn't going to make it to see Christmas because she was going to go join grandpa in Heaven. OK, I'm hooked for the rest of the episode. Throughout the rest of the drama on the show dealing with breakups and hookups and jealousy, it would periodically come back to this story of the daughter trying to talk with other doctors to get a second opinion on her mothers condition, the argument of the mother and daughter because the grandmother talks to the grandson without the mom being there, and you see the struggle of this 5 or 6 year old kid dealing with death- and more importantly, the death of a loved one. He's going through his belongings and having a conversation with his father about what he's doing, and it is such a grown up conversation. At the end of the scene, he says to his dad, "dad, I don't want grandma to die." When his dad tells him it's OK to cry his response was, "ok, but I'm not crying for me. I'm crying for you." Now I'm a little choked up. But at the very end of the episode, you see grandma walk down the stairs and there is the little boy sitting under a Christmas tree with some other family member (because I don't watch the show, I'm not sure who she is) and dad... and he says, "Merry Christmas, Grandma!" Then the mom walks around the corner. At this point, I've lost it.

It just really made me think about the death of my Mom and everything we went through. I remember my dad taking my sister and I to the park to tell us she would be lucky to make it to Thanksgiving, and even more lucky to make it to Christmas. She died two days later. I remember her dancing and singing to Leroy Brown with her IV pole in our living room which had a bag attached to it collecting stomach "juices" that we had send to Texas to be used to test a new treatment, which failed. I remember how my sister and I grew up really quickly, and to this day I am still told that I am mature for my age.

I hate those shows and movies that get me thinking about that stuff. It's hard to go back through it. I'd rather forget about the hospital visits and the hospice nurses and the confusion. I'd rather forget about that rainy night when the "angels", as my Grannie put it, came to take the body of my mom to the funeral home. I would rather remember the sunflowers, and the pool, and her sewing, and trying to force my sister and me to hold hands (for the record, it never worked). On top of that, I'd rather just have my mom back.

She wanted more than anything in this world to be a mom. Tonight I told a friend that pretending to be a Mom is the best job in the world. His response? "Being a parent is better." If that statement does not come out of my future husbands mouth, someone better either knock some sense into his head or into mine.

11 February 2010

Shots and frogs

After 4 hours in the doctor's office, I have 4 bandaids covering 1 TB test, 1 vaccination, and 3 needle pricks for 4 tubes of blood. While I am SO looking forward to the PeaceCorps, this wasn't fun.

... but then when I put these photos on my computer, I found these of Mr. Frog. He was hiding in our recycling bin, and literally had a pool of pee around him when I finally noticed him (which was after I'd put a whole bunch of stuff in the bin!)

10 February 2010

I'm turning into my dad!

Today is the nicest day of the week here in Fort Myers. 75 degrees! Yahoo! Until you add in the 20 mph winds, and now the rain. Next week should be better. I hope!

On another note, I think I just ate more ketchup than eggs with  my eggs. I think I'm turning into my dad!!

This is the first time I'm trying eggs alone since I associated them with part of my stomach issues. With the suggestion from my aunt, I took out the yolks. Hopefully I won't have any problems! We'll know later, I suppose!

I also made this great spread this afternoon, thanks to the recipe I got at the local Publix grocery store. It consists of butter (in my case, dairy free buttery spread), cinnamon, powdered sugar, cayenne pepper, ginger paste, and a little bit of oil to make it a little more fluffy. It's delicious on my brown rice bread! What's so nice is that it is a creamy consistency with a sweet yet spicy kick to it!

05 February 2010


Yesterday as I was laying out in the sun (it's a hard life!), I was listening to Carrie Underwood's most recent album, Play On, and then I heard the song Change. The lyrics are very powerful and reiterated how much I want to help the World, and how thankful I am to be able to be a volunteer for the Peace Corps. Here are some lyrics:

What'cha gonna do when you're watching t.v.
And an ad comes on
Yeah you know the kind
Flashin' up pictures of a child in need
For a dime a day you can save a life
Do you call the number reach out a hand
Or do you change the channel call it a scam 

Oh the smallest thing can all the difference
Love is alive
Don't listen to them when they say
You're just a fool
Just a fool
You believe you can change the world

Think about it...

Then, just as the lyrics are running through my head and I'm contemplating all of it, I looked up and I saw a beautiful monarch butterfly flying through the cloudless blue sky. What a beautiful being- so calm and peaceful. 

02 February 2010

With a rainy day comes a new post!

Today it is definitely raining... so I've had some time to work on photos and update the blog :)

Florida has just been fantastic. I've been playing volleyball every Sunday...

and working... sometimes. I've spent countless hours at the pool working on my tan (I need to have my skin prepared for the sun in Africa, right??) and reading.  I've also been cooking!! My guacamole is the best my roommate has ever had, last night was homemade gluten-free gnocchi, and, hmmm, what else? I can't remember. I'll start taking photos to document it.

Yesterday I finished Stones into School. It was an absolutely wonderful book and very inspiring for my next adventure.

Thankfully I had last Tuesday off so I was able to show three last-minute couchsurfing Frenchies around Fort Myers! Here are some photos from our day...

We got our morning coffee at Cafe Matisse, here in Fort Myers. They had gone the night before (before getting in contact with Evan saying they could stay with us!) and the owner is from Quebec, Canada, which means he speaks French. So they wanted to go back, but, sadly, he wasn't there in the morning. Coffee shops don't quite work like they do in Europe, where the owner is almost always there, especially in the morning.

We then went to the Bowman's Beach on Sanibel Island for awhile. It was a little chilly, but regardless, it was beautiful!

Our final stop was a 2 hour drive through a reserve. There are "alligator lookouts", but sadly, no more alligators.

... until next time!!

Oh, and to hold you over, a couple cute pics of L. Check out her boots- I think she gets her style from me. What do you think? (She dressed herself!)