06 April 2011


Last post of the day! I promise! I swear! I think...

It just hit me as I was pouring hot water on a nice bag of jasmine green tea that today was a great day of R&R. When I woke up this morning I was feeling better- not 100%, but must better than the last few days and definitely better enough that I really could have gone to teach. However, I decided to take a sick day (I know I said I wouldn't take any more, but I really was sick and this is a recovery day and I didn't have my direct taught class so I didn't have anything to worry about... because let's face it... my partner teachers rock and they've got this sh.. covered).

Seriously though. I am really starting to feel like I am part of family here and this is my life- because, well, they are and this is. We now joke (like when my host mom was cleaning the soba today and I was wearing my white sweatshirt that is always dirty she said she was going to paint it black...) and it can be really fun at times. Even though life is really hard here (not only for me but definitely for most Moldovans), it is possible to have fun while getting your arms covered in coal soot and painting and cleaning and gutting animals for dinner. Life is hard but that doesn't mean it isn't fun and there isn't happiness hiding in there somewhere.

Living here has really taught me to look for the small things that bring happiness in the midst of sadness... and after these last few months I think I have really become the master at it... thank goodness.

(On a side note: I have been cleaning my room and working on pictures and apparently blog updating all day and it seems like the only success came with the pictures and the blog. Oh, and I did a mini-workout while watching some movies. And of course there isn't water right now for me to shower. Now I need to learn to take advantage of the hot running water when it's here... because it always seems to disappear when I need it most!)

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