20 April 2011

Surprise, surprise.

Surprise, surprise... I'm sick again. This country is going to be the death of me... but at least I will have died trying. (Just kidding. I'm not really dying. It's just another cold. I think.)

Anyways, yesterday I'd planned to come home from school, drop off my bag, grab my camera, and go for a walk and enjoy the sun. As I was walking out the gate and snapping pictures as I went along, my neighbor stopped me and asked me to take her picture as she posed with the tree blossoms. Of course I wasn't going to say no. She then asked me if I wanted to watch them slaughter their pig, because this is the week everyone is preparing for Easter Sunday (probably the biggest holiday in Moldova). As much as I wanted to go for a walk and didn't want to see an animal being slaughtered, I figured if I'm going to see it this was the time because it was humane and the animal had been treated well. Anyways, that will be a later post. So, needless to say I didn't get much past the front gate, but here are some pictures I was able to get in the meantime.

Today I also wanted to go for a walk and study for the GRE but that was cut short when I had to leave school early because I felt so terrible which is so unfortunate because the weather is perfect... and I also could have helped my host mom paint or other chores. Instead I took a 90 minute nap which aided with the exhaustion but didn't help the deep cough or scratchy throat. Ugh.

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