29 April 2011

Easter Sunday

Easter is officially my favorite holiday thanks to Moldova. It has really made me realize the importance of family coming together, and the amazingness that spring brings after a rather difficult and lonely winter. The weather just worked out perfectly for this celebration and I couldn't have been more thankful.

The morning started with me sleeping in until noon (I know, but hey! I was at Mass until 5am!). I ate brunch with my family, and then went back to my room to work with pictures, catch up with friends, the usual. Then at 2:30 my host mom came in and told me to get dressed because we were heading to her grandmother's house (she is 97 and the oldest person in the village). I thought we were going there at 5 to Skype, but apparently it was a family gathering.

I quickly got dressed, put my computer in it's bag, and we were off. I'd never been to that part of the village before and it was beautiful. I'll definitely be back... Plus, it's family. So of course I'll be back! It was so wonderful seeing so many people walking around the village, visiting friends and family.
You see, for Easter, just about everyone comes back home for a week, if not 2. Easter is the biggest holiday in Moldova and now it is obvious why. Everyone comes home to their families, and what is nice is that they celebrate with not just their close relatives but with friends as well. It is an entire week of celebrations!

So, once we got to the house, I started snapping pictures. Then we tried to hook the computer up to the internet (it was down the in the valley so the internet was touchy), then sat down to eat. There was tons of food on the table and more kept coming. When the eggs came out, everyone tapped the ends together with another egg. I'm not 100% sure what the significance of that was (besides tradition) but I think it has something to do with having good luck.

At first the internet worked- and while we were eating we received a call from Cambodia. As soon as we answered the call, however, the internet stopped working. We went all around the house (inside and out) trying to find a hot spot. My host uncle was so frustrated because he really wanted to connect with my host sister. Eventually, thanks to the suggestion of my host mom, we moved out to the middle of the garden and tried it that way. Thankfully it worked- with the help of a boy holding the internet modem up above his head to try to catch the signal (oh technology!). At that moment I helped connect 5 generations (My great host grandma, my host grandma, my host mom, my host sister, and my host niece and nephew). It was a beautiful sight. My host great grandma and grandma were speechless and crying because it was the first time they have talked to or seen my host sister/niece+nephew in almost 3 years. Even though they weren't able to join us, it was wonderful being able to connect them all over the internet on such a special day.

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  1. you really should submit this story to Nat'l Geographic...Antonina looks so beautiful, and happy to be with you and your family :)