29 April 2011

Easter Wednesday: Engaged!

Easter Wednesday began with a 5:30am rutiera that took me to Chisinau. I had a 11.5lb package of Easter candy to pick up that was sent from home, and an engagement session to photograph... yes, you read that right, an engagement session!

A couple of months ago Rachel contacted me asking if I would shoot her engagement photos in the spring. Of course I couldn't say no: Spring+love+photoshoots=happy Cate!

Rachel and Justin met when they came to Moldova. At first they were just friends, but by Thanksgiving of their first year here, they knew they were meant to be much more than that. They began dating and then traveling when they could, and now they're wedding planning! They will both finish their 27 months here in July and then they'll be heading home to get married just a few days after that. They are doing their part by contributing to the economy for sure: Justin bought the ring here, and Rachel is having her dress custom made (she hopes... there have been some issues with the whole "timeliness" and "I don't want super shiny fabric with silly flowers on the lace covered in glitter" thing. But no worries. It will all work out. It always does!)

Now they're just coasting through the rest of their service until they get to go home... I'm so happy they let me go around Chisinau with them! We enjoyed a tasty lunch and fresh strawberries, too. What beautiful weather we've been having lately!!

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