29 April 2011

Easter Thursday

I came back to Varatic on Wednesday night because I'd promised my 8th graders I would go to the forest with them on Thursday. When I got up in the morning the weather was so nice and the flowers were gorgeous so I thought I'd snap a few pictures. This was, of course, just as I had finished taking a shower and I was too excited to take the towel off of my head. So my host mom came out and we took a tour around the garden and she showed me some good places to take photos, along with where the strawberry patch is, and the cherry trees.

By mid-afternoon I still hadn't heard from the 8th graders so I decided to do some laundry at my neighbor's house because she has a machine. While I was doing my laundry the kids took ahold of my camera. Here are the results... I think we have some photographers in the making! (Now I just need to teach them how to play with the settings on the camera!)

Then I took ahold of it and took some more pictures of them and Stefanel, their baby cousin (who splits time between them and his grandma because his parents have been in Moscow the last 10 months).

... another beautiful day in Varatic.


  1. beautiful photographs and layout! (how surreal to see half-familiar faces again)

  2. Thanks, Paula! Yea, isn't it weird?!