10 April 2011

The power of technology

I love technology. I really do. I get so excited every time a new Apple product is released. But I think what has really been my favorite thing about technology here has to be Skype (I'd say the internet but I assume it comes hand-in-hand with Skype). Through the use of Skype I have been able to talk to my friends and family back home for free and I even get to video chat with them... and a few times I spoke with the 4th grade class in Kansas that writes letters to some of the students at my school here.

Today, however, I got to use Skype for something even better.

You see, my host family has two children: both live abroad. Their son works in Moscow (and was here this summer) and their daughter married a man from Cambodia and so moved there and has raised her children there. This summer will be 3 years since my host family has seen them. Today they got to Skype. Their microphone wasn't working so I got to lead the conversation (reading in Romanian what their daughter wrote, and translating in Romanian what their 14 year old grandson wrote), but they were still able to see each other and communicate. My host mom's brother even stopped by to pick something up so they talked with him for a few minutes. It was a wonderful experience! We are going to repeat it again on Easter Sunday with my host mother's mother and grandmother. I'm so excited!

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  1. That is so cool! It's amazing how technology can wind up in the least expected places for people and do the most amazing things