29 April 2011

Easter Tuesday

I was supposed to head to Chisinau on Tuesday for an engagement shoot but plans changed last minute on Monday when my host cousin came over and invited us all over for a bbq Tuesday night. I couldn't say no to family, so I rearranged the plans (even though it meant I missed out on yoga!).

I ended up spending the whole day just relaxing (that's what you do on vacation and when the weather is nice, right?). Then I met my host parents and the family at their house for the best bbq I have ever had in my entire life (without sauce). It was so delicious, and we cooked it in their backyard on a homemade fire pit. What made this day so great was hanging out with Boris and his sister, Olesea, who are both basically my age and fluent in English. I'm glad they'll be around most of the summer so I'll have people my age to hang out with (which is rare in Moldova, due to everyone going abroad).

What was crazy was when my host grandma showed up. I feel that usually when you are a guest somewhere, it's time to relax (not always, but usually). Well, this definitely isn't the case for my host grandma! I don't think she knows what it means to relax. Literally the moment she arrived she started feeding the chickens and doing some work around the yard. I couldn't believe it... but I think work is just what she knows how to do and so she does it... all the time. I wish I'd brought my camera (I've been really good lately) so I could have captured that and also the mother hen that had about 20 chicks under her at one time.

After dinner we attempted to go to the disco but there wasn't anyone there and the music wasn't fun. So unfortunately we called it a night at around 10, but it was fun while it lasted! Until next time!

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