11 April 2011

Weather in Moldova

Talk about a crazy weather pattern. In the last few days I've seen it all: rain, snow, hail, incredibly strong winds, sun, clouds, rainbows. Today we had rain, snow, hail, and sun.... all in 5 minutes. I'm not joking.

Rain (in the distance, but it came here, too)



Welcome to spring in Moldova! Supposedly this isn't normal... and I sure hope not! Here are some more pictures from over the weekend.

and a side note... this is how lightbulbs get changed in my house!


  1. I love the image of the kids running on the street. great comp!

  2. I love the image with the rainbow!

  3. Love the photos ~ I heard from Andrew today and he told me about visiting you, your family and your school ~ how cool that he came to visit you! Of course, there was a long description of the delicious organic food and wine that is produced in your town!

    Love you ~ M