13 July 2010

Care Packages: Added

Remember this post on care packages?

Well, I'm adding and subtracting a bit!

Nalgene bottle (check! Thanks, Moe!)
Board/card games (such as Uno... you can never have enough! -no monopoly...)
Ziploc bags
dry erase markers
books of madlibs, horoscopes, word searches, logic puzzles, etc
school supplies
travel brochures (for school activities)
magazines (for school activities)
coupons (for school activities)
promotional materials on the USA (for school)
wool socks (both for summer and winter, size 7)
Secret clinical strength deodorant
Starbucks Instant Coffee
Cute clothes for all seasons (size small, 0, 2.. I've realized I did a great job on packing to be warm/cool, but not on being cute haha!)
+postcards (for school)
+ tape of all kinds (the tape here isn't good quality.... and thick clear tape helps for lamination of classroom activities!)

Peace Corps Moldova
PCV Mary (Cate) Crandell
#12 Grigore Ureche St
2001 Chisinau, MOLDOVA

Also, send me your address and I'll send you a postcard!!

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