08 July 2010

Life is short

The man my mom was dating before she died suddenly passed away this morning. While we were never close after she died, my sister and I would touch bases with him every once in awhile and I have formed a good friendship with one of his daughters.

This really makes me sit back and think about life and how short it is and also how glad I am do be a part of the Peace Corps experience right now. At the same time, however, it makes me realize just how far away I am from "home". If this were to have happened when I was in Kansas I could have told my friend I'd watch her baby when she needs me to so she can do what she has to do, or I could have helped cook a meal, or attended to funeral to pay my respect. But because I am here, the most I can do is call her, tell her I'm always here to talk if she needs to, and to let me know if I can somehow help them in any way. Maybe that is for the better, maybe not. Regardless, it is what it is and I'm very happy to be here although it's times likes this that I wish I was at home.

At least he's in Heaven now with my Mom- even though it's been 12 years this September since she died, I believe he was still in love with her until he took his last breath.

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