07 July 2010


In Moldova the women must wear scarves and dresses upon entrance to the church. When we all took a field trip to visit on eof our 2 churches (this one is Orthodox) we all worse scarves. Here are some snapshots of my friends.
(Thanks for this one, Sarah!)

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  1. Hi there,
    I am from Duluth, MN but born and raised in Texas. I have been living in Romania now for a year. We have been to Moldova 4 times and I love the country. I know you are having a great time. Do you find Romanian hard to learn? I am really struggling with it!

  2. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_W5reumCU85A/TDP7Q76elVI/AAAAAAAABnk/G2vRQU4aSzU/s1600/IMG_9264.jpg
    all geese! :)

  3. Radu-

    HAHA. ducks, geese, same difference!! I clearly didn't grow up on a farm or anywhere near farm animals for that matter! We only had Canadian Geese in KS, and they look quite different from these geese.

    My mom went to college in Duluth! What are you doing in Romania? I have only been here a few weeks but we have really really REALLY intense language courses, plus we're with host families, so I find it coming along pretty well. Plus, I speak French and quite a bit of Spanish so I feel that it's easier (at least the vocabulary) than for someone who has never spoken another romantic language... let me know if you need help! I can try to help! Also, look up LIVEMOCHA! That will REALLY help you if you aren't getting private assistance/classes :)