01 July 2010

MG, Neighborhood kids, and sunflowers

Neighborhood kids:
Yesterday was the first day I jumped in to play with the neighborhood kids. I always see them outside, but it's usually 2 at a time playing in a pile of dirt, and I usually have a bunch of homework to do, so I ignore them and go home. But yesterday it was a beautiful night, and even though I was absolutely exhausted, I decided to go ahead and jump in there and play with them... I'm really missing have kids around me all the time. It took them a bit to warm up to me, and it was fun watching Violetta... she was really shy, and kind of hiding behind a tree. Then she came and sat near me. Then I'd mildly tickle her, and she'd smile, When I asked her to sit next to me, she declined, but about 10 minutes later moved closer. Then it was history from there! She became very attached, and it was a blast. There were 7 kids, I believe. We played Green Light, Go! and volleyball, and a few games I never actually figured out the rules to. Then tonight when I got home, they weren't outside. So I ate dinner then came to my room to do homework, and then I heard them playing. Because I want to set a "reputation" (so to speak) with them, so I figured i'd join them for 10 minutes.. and I did... and was then tackled by Victoria (who actually happens to be my neighbor-ish, and the goddaughter of my MG's step-sister-in-law's husband...). So it was a great 10 minutes.

The sunflowers are beginning to pop up in the fields... I can't wait until they're all in bloom!! Wait for sunflower pictures. I have my "big" camera, so the photos will be much better than the pictures from Italy! (only Bee won't be in them... and that makes me sad!)

My mama gazda has the hands of a saint. I can sit watching her cook all day long. She was making placinta the other night (and I got to help!!) and it was incredible watching her knead the dough and roll it in to balls, then cut it... etc. It was like she'd done it a million times and it is just second nature to her- which is probably the case. It's so great having all of this homemade and organic food every day... definitely not something I'm used to! We even had chicken "from her garden" tonight with dinner- not from the store. The chicken (and eggs!) from the store "is not good" (she says). Which, I totally believe her.

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