07 July 2010


Last night when I got home from Ialoveni I was at dinner talking with my MG about my new location. When she looked through the information she was sad because I will be so far away but she said she'll call me all the time to make sure I'm doing ok, and she's sure I'm always going to respond, "I'm very happy! I miss you!" Which I'm sure will be the case... she was very positive about my family even though she does not know them. My TG is a math teacher (I'm assuming he's at my school since there are only 341 students total) and my MG stays at home (which she also said is VERY good!).

MG also told me she is going to come visit on my birthday with a present. When I told her she would be the present she laughed- only, I was serious. Apparently she already has something up her sleeve.

I can't believe I've been here 4 weeks. The best part about it? I can't tell you if it's "only" 4 weeks or 4 weeks "already". Moldova rocks.

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