19 July 2010

Milesti Mici

I went to Milesti Mici this weekend to visit Ross (although what I really wanted to do was see the sunflowers. Just kidding. It was a combination of the two!)

After finding our own form of transportation in 5 minutes, then 10 minutes, then 40 minutes, my friends and I finally arrived in MM after a very hot and sweaty journey (thank goodness for that Patagonia dress I was wearing!).

The girls went to see some of our other friends who live in MM while Ross and I walked to the sunflower and peach fields with a couple of the guys. Nkosi is just as obsessed with sunflowers as I am so he continued the walk through the entire field with us.

I really find it fascinating out different the sunflowers here are compared to the sunflowers in Italy. In Italy, one could actually walk through the fields (like you could through a corn field). Here, the sunflowers are so dense that it becomes nearly impossible (plus there are bees EVERYWHERE!). While it is difficult to walk through them, it sure is beautiful to observe from the outside!

After a long day (and long nap!) we met up with more friends and the local magazin. The last time I was at a magazine I could hardly say "Ma cheama Cate", and this time I was able to hold full conversations with people. Sure, I made a lot of mistakes, but hey! I have only been here 5 weeks... it was a great night with a surprise walk to the soccer field where we could look up and gaze and the millions of stars in the sky. I felt like I was in a movie because the stars were so clear. Ross had no idea about my love for stars which makes it that much more exciting.

The night concluded with attempting to sleep while sweating bullets. Remember: no air conditioning here. I think I need to buy a fan pretty soon or else I'm going to be cranky! Before arriving in Moldova, everyone told us we would be hot all day and then also all night. Because the weather was so agreeable up until this point, I thought they were making things up or from extremely cold climates. Because, up until now, the weather has been fantastic! I could sleep with my window closed (to muffle the barking dogs) and be completely content. However, things have quickly changed and sleeping is becoming difficult once again.

(Here I was trying to show up some 14 and 15 year old boys. They did a bazillion pull ups and I did... 1/2. I rock. They won.)

After a slow start to the morning, we went to Chisinau where we cooked lemon bars with one of my friends who lives there. Before she arrived here, she had 11- yes 11! boxes sent full of books and cooking utensils because she loves to cook so much... and cook she does! The lemon bars were incredible- and so much more work than I expected! Whipping that cream of tartar+eggs+whatever else was put in it was very tiring. If I made that recipe every day I would have fantastic arms. However, I will not be making the bars every day because, well, it's just not necessary.

What did I learn over the weekend?
Peaches are actually really good- especially straight off of the tree
You really don't cool off at any point of the day in Moldova when it's hot
Baking can be very hard work (but comes with great results!)
Not all sunflower fields are the same
and most importantly... how to catch the bus from Chisinau back to Razeni.

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