05 July 2010


Two more shots of Cali (aka Corpul Poochie)... before I start to get ready for school!!

She was walking Brad home on Saturday, and she barked at a horse and buggy. The man driving the buggy turned around and hit Cali in the nose with his whip! As soon as Brad turned around to ask the man what he was doing... he realized he was not in America and that was not a good idea.

That is one hard part about being here vs being in America: Animals. They get treated very differently here, but it's the norm, so for Moldovan's, there is nothing wrong with it. For us Americans, who refer to pets as part of the family, it's hard to see a dog chained on a small leash 24/7 and never getting a walk. But, again, this is a cultural difference I'm going to have to learn to agree to disagree.
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