26 June 2010

Care Packages

*This will be updated as I realize what other things I'm "missing" from back in the States!*

To my friends, family, and loyal readers (as of right yesterday, in 3 days I've had 250 visits from 9 countries!)
You are by no means obligated to send me anything! But care packages are always wanted an appreciated, even if they do take 2-4 weeks to arrive (so only nonperishable items, please!)
Some of the items are for my personal use, and some of them are for the classroom. Thanks!!

Nalgene bottle (I left mine on the plane... and they only have plastic, carcinogenic bottles here!)
Board/card games (such as Uno... no monopoly)
Ziploc bags
dry erase markers
books of madlibs, horoscopes, word searches, logic puzzles, etc
school supplies
travel brochures
promotional materials on the USA
wool socks (both for summer and winter, size 7)
Secret clinical strength deodorant
Starbucks Instant Coffee
Cute clothes for all seasons (size small, 0, 2.. I've realized I did a great job on packing to be warm/cool, but not on being cute haha!)

Peace Corps Moldova
PCV Mary (Cate) Crandell
#12 Grigore Ureche St
2001 Chisinau, MOLDOVA

Also, send me your address and I'll send you a postcard!!



  1. Will you update this list if something changes (ie. you get a lot of deodorent)? Thanks!

  2. I pretty much fell in love with your blog and the photos you have been taking and lucky you, we had a great sale at work, so expect clothes from a complete stranger :) I am only worried that the package won't get there in time before you go to site. Fingers crossed and stay safe!