23 July 2010

Care packages have arrived!

I received 2 boxes of care packages from Aunt Moe and Aunt Cathy! It's so fun! I got school supplies, socks, conditioner, games, books, clothes, coffee, and great gifts for my host family! It's my MG's birthday on Tuesday so everything came just in time! Thank you so much!

My dad wanted me to mention on my blog that after I go to my permanent site (August 18th) I will not have my packages delivered to me... I will have to go to Chisinau (4 hours away) and bring them back on public transportation (which is usually crowded). So, if you plan on sending something, it would be best if it could arrive before I leave Razeni because we will have private transportation to our new site for all of our stuff (and us, de sigeur). Just a side note.


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