01 July 2010

Random thoughts

Here are some random thoughts from my mini-moleskin journal that I've written from July 3-today... (this thing is so fun because it goes all the way back to 2006! It's almost full!)

3 July:
This afternoon I was getting ready for the 4of of July celebration, listening to country music to get in the mood. George Strait came on the playlist (Blue Clear Sky) and it made me think of the time I asked my Mom who the female singer was in the background of his songs and I got jealous because I thought he should have asked her.

5 July:
"I'm a buffet of smells" -Zach (in reference to his cologne, then the cologne his MG sprayed on him on his way out of the house)

6 July: "It seems like these sunflowers are getting brighter as we go further through the field..."
-"Are you sure you're just not getting more excited?"

7 July:
Today I was told by a friend that one of my best qualities is how encouraging an positive I am to others. That made me feel good!

10 July:
Signs- Upon each entry into a city or village in Moldova there is a sign. This morning Ross' TG gave me a ride in to Chisinau and I got to see a different entrance. I wish I was allowed to drive (or I had a bike) so I could stop and photograph these things along the road. Unfortunately, I can't/don't.
Assumptions- I always think it's amusing how Moldovans assume Ross and I are married when they see us together. I often wonder why they make these assumptions. Then I realized this morning that I do the same thing. Ross' TG gave me a ride to the city and we picked up a woman along the way. Instead of assuming she was a family friend, I assumed she was a "secret". This was incorrect and definitely wrong of me to do, but it was the first thought that came in to my head. Now I realize why Moldovan's assume what they do. It's human nature. Note to self: to assume makes an ASS out of U and ME.

As we moved further north in Moldova the fields of sunflowers are overwhelming, the rain is gone, and the sun is shining through the clouds! I see blue skies! (NOTE: that didn't last for long).

12 July:
Today I saw my first child with special needs in Moldova. There was a baby with downs syndrome in the seat behind me in the rutiera. I have heard that usually if a child is not "normal" then they are put in orphanages or group homes here. When I hear this, I think of my families in KC that have kiddos with special needs, and I am so thankful that those children were born to families in America that are able to help them. Thankfully for this child in Moldova, too, that he had a mother not willing to give up. We need more people in this world like that.

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