21 July 2010

MG quote of the day

This morning I was eating my usual breakfast of 2 fried eggs, 1 chicken sausage, and 2 slices of homemade bread with homemade jam when Mutsu (our personal doorbell) started barking. I began to shake my head saying, "Mutsu, Mutsu, Mutsu" and then my MG went outside and said to him, "Bravo, Mutsu! Tu lucrezi toata noaptea" which means, "Good job, Mutsu! You work all night". If that still doesn't mean anything to you, here is another translation: Good dog for waking Cate up throughout the night by barking at absolutely nothing. I know this because there is no one outside of their homes after dark."

Then when I got home from class today he was off of his 5' chain and running around the "yard". He must have done something really good to deserve this. Maybe it was barking. Got me!

On a side note- I have these red bumps on my arm and I'm not sure what they are. I looked up on the internet for images of flea bites thinking that's what they are- even though they don't itch unless I think about them, but they're not going away or getting smaller- and I realize this was a mistake because now it's time for bed and I have these vivid images of flea bites and fleas biting skin and now I can't go to sleep. Way to have a run-on sentence (I'll make a great English teacher), but I had to get the point across. I have concluded I don't think that's what they are, but I've also concluded I need another shower to get the "bugs" (aka imaginary bugs) off of my body. Wahoo.

On another side note- Cali has a loverdog. His name is Oscar. He's really cute and they're going to make beautiful puppies (that we won't be able to see because we'll be in our own villages by the time they are born) but they really need to stop giving us a show! We've had enough already. Maybe I should do some community development (COD) and build them their own private doghouse. Then they can really get a room!

Last side note before bed- Last night and tonight I had an incredible duck noodle soup. 100% from scratch. 100% from my FG's garden/house. It. Was. Awesome!!!!!

Bed time.


  1. Be careful with the bumps... the could be bed bugs or scabbies. Hopefully it's bed bugs, scabbies can be awful (had both while I was there).

    It's most likely not fleas as they stay nearer to your ankles normally.

    It could also just be an old school rash or allergy?

    Sorry babe! Hopefully it's nothing but have someone look at it fo sho!


  2. The PC nurse looked at it and said it is fleas (even though they don't itch!)... I do spend a lot of time petting the 6 dogs that hang around at our school... and the definitely have fleas. So that's probably what it is. I'm going to put some cortisone cream on the bumps and hope they go away!