26 May 2011


With just a few short days until I am back to KC I decided to start packing. First of all, I just want to say I have no idea how I managed to come here with these 2 medium-sized suitcases... and even worse, how I'm going to officially go back home with them. Good thing I'm headed back to KC so I can pick up a super-sized suitcase.

Anyways, after thinking about thinking about packing I walked outside to take care of some business. As I walked out the door on to my porch it hit me- holy shit, it is really going to be hard to actually leave Moldova in a year. It's been such a battle to get where I am now but I can actually say I am happy and really enjoying my service. As I thought about this I got a little emotional (and am now as I'm writing this!) and so I decided to go join my host mom and the neighbors on the shaded bench outside our gate. I'm really going to miss that. And them. And this is SO weird because I'm coming back, and I still have another year... so believe me when I say I am so thankful for that and I'm going to soak in every moment that I can because I know before I know it, it will all be done.

Enough of that. I'm happy I have one more year to enjoy this life I've chosen to partake in.

... maybe I have the Starbucks VIA I drank to blame for these emotions. It has been awhile since I've had coffee... regardless, I mean what I say!

... these guys make it difficult, too.

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