25 May 2011

Dust bowl

I'm not so sure if I said it before (I meant to!), but if not I'll say it again: We need rain. It's really become apparent to me just how much we take sprinklers for granted in America, at least where I'm from. I remember thinking when I was little how the Dust Bowl actually happened because I'd always heard people complaining about it not raining, but I knew we always had a sprinkler so it was fine... the ground stayed wet. Well, out here in my village we don't have the luxury of a sprinkler system and so our ground is sooo dry. Before I came here (wow, almost one year ago!) everyone said we needed to bring rain boots because spring is incredibly wet and muddy- but due to that incredibly wet and muddy spring we had absolutely incredible fresh fruits and vegetables. This spring has been quite the opposite and I actually felt as if I was living through the dust bowl of the 1920's in America this afternoon as I was walking home. It is very windy right now and it looks like there is a storm coming in (and boy-oh-boy am I crossing my fingers for one!!) and there is dust blowing everywhere... it's pretty crazy. I hope that it does rain because if not we are really not going to have many fruits and vegetables this year... in fact, I'm afraid it might already be too late by the way my host mom has been talking... :-/

Update: no rain :(


  1. Your cloud photos are amazing! Hard to imagine that must dust blowing into houses and in your face outside.

  2. Thank you! They are 100% untouched! That's really what they looked like. I love the sun rays and the way it changes the blue in the sky. As long as you faced away from the wind you didn't get any dust in your face, but as I was sitting there I could feel it hitting my back and my camera was so dusty!