22 May 2011

My host parents

Leave it to my host parents to make a rather unenjoyabe and out-of-character day turn in to happiness. No, there really isn't any sarcasm in the previous sentence. I know it was a rough beginning, but right now I can't imagine what my arrival back to my village would have been like if I didn't come home to them. I don't know what happened today that set me off, but something was just off balance. All I wanted to do when I got home was crawl into bed and go to sleep and hope that I would fall asleep quickly and sleep through the night so that tomorrow would come quickly so I could start fresh. However, on the way home from Chisinau I took a rutiera with a different route. It was as if I was seeing Moldova for the first time all over again... the sights, the smells... everything. So that made me feel a little better (and really makes me want to go buy a bike because I want to explore that area!!!!!!)and then I arrived home to my host mom waiting for me at the bus stop and dinner ready... and a host dad in an equally good mood. We joked and laughed throughout my dinner (because they'd already eaten) and then my host mom told me the cherries ripened while I was gone! So I'm so excited. I could stand there all day eating those. Now my host mom and I are off to a concert... so I gotta go!

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