03 May 2011

Worst days

Something I've decided I dread worse than the few days (sometimes weeks) before a school vacation is the first day back after it. Today was absolutely terrible. Most of the students were even less prepared than usual, and the kids were pretty out of control. My 4th grade was absolutely terrible. I couldn't get them to listen to me at all, and my partner teacher apparently understood that I wanted to teach the class all by myself because the kids asked me to and because she had "work" to do (ie "helping" her university level relative by doing his/her English assignment that they didn't do over vacation... because that's what you do for relatives here... you "help" them.).

I called one of my friends during a "freak out" and she calmed me down. She was right when she said, "there is nothing you can do. You can't change it. It's part of the culture and that's just how it is. Brush it off and relax." While I know she's totally right, I must say that one of the most difficult things about being a teacher is putting all emotions aside, and putting a smile on your face and returning to teach a different class after losing control (because, after all, it wasn't their fault the other situation happened).

On a different note, GO AMERICA!

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