10 May 2011

A day in the life

I have a lot to update about this weekend, but I can't go to bed until I share these photos from today.

The morning started off nice- it was warmer than all of last week, but a slight breeze made it a little cool, so I needed a fleece. One of the students I walked to school with told me it was supposed to rain, but I didn't believe her by the sight of the sky when I looked up... but she was right. Before I knew it, gray clouds rolled in, it rained for 5 minutes, and then it was sunny again... but I sure wasn't complaining.

When I got home after school it was colder in my room than outside so I decided to put a chair out on the porch and enjoy the sun while I got some work done. My back was to the gate and all of a sudden I heard a little voice asking me what I was doing. It was one of my 4th grade students that, thanks to the extra lessons from Maria, has just excelled at English this year. A couple minutes later her little sister joined, and then their grandma. Then my host mom came around the corner and our neighbor started talking to all of us. It was a party springtime party, and I loved every minute of it. After talking for a little bit I followed the kids out to the street so we could take more pictures and play around with the neighbor kids. It was a perfect ending to a beautiful day... but one of my neighbors asked if I was going to print the pictures and my host mom said, "she just leaves them on the computer" which is true... so now I'm trying to figure out how to print these photos for the people in my village. It's interesting because it is actually cheaper to print in America than it is here ($0.25 a photo vs $1!) so I'm trying to work that out... any ideas would be appreciated!

When I took the photos today, though, I tried to pay attention to a very good point that was referenced on this blog: When taking a picture, think of the main subject as the noun, and then look around that subject to try to find the adjective that can modify the noun, thus adding more to the story. For example, the people in the background and the things themselves in the background. I think it went pretty well :)

My host mom is so funny. She used the packing peanuts from a package my dad sent me as decoration for the flowers.

The girls tried to help me win the love of the cat by giving it cat treats, given to my by Bette!

This little 3 year old cried and cried because she wanted the bicycle that one of the boys stole.
... the funny thing about it, though, is she doesn't know how to ride it. She just walked around in circles.

This is my favorite photo of the day, but let me just say that it was hard to choose!