13 May 2011

Dry + Baby ducks

I was sitting outside yesterday on the porch enjoying the afternoon sunshine while looking at various blogs to get ideas for what to post on my new blog I've made for my sister to help her plan her wedding in KC: www.kissinacornfield.wordpress.com... when all of a sudden my host mom popped up out of nowhere with a duckling and an egg with a duckling inside. It was so awesome to watch it work its way out of the egg! She eventually helped it out quite a lot (I have a video but my internet is so slow that it takes forever to load!!) and then once it was out, it was fascinating to watch it try so hard to keep its head up!

After admiring the baby ducks for a little bit we then took a walk around the flowers. My host mom really loves flowers and so it's been fun watching all of the different varieties and colors pop up this season. However, we have hardly had any rain this season (and the little rain we did have was when it was really cold, which wasn't helping the plants either), so the ground is so incredibly dry that it is making it difficult for the plants to survive. My host mom is afraid we won't have any fruits or vegetables this year because of the lack of rain. It's so crazy to think that we have a sprinkler system at home that we can turn on in times like this, but that just doesn't exist here.

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