20 May 2011


Some of the most loving people i have ever met live in this country. I met a neighbor a couple of weeks ago who told me that you will live a long time if you have love in your life... The more love, the longer you live.

Then today as I was sitting out on a patio enjoying the nice weather and waiting for my rutiera I saw a guy that I had met back in the fall when I came to Riscani to get my Internet stick. He was very helpful and friendly and I think that had it not been for him I wouldn't have received it because he knew the lady selling them and talked her in to staying a few minutes after hours to help me out. Anyways, he sat down to chat for a few minutes and he asked me if I've learned any more words in Russian and if I remembered the word he taught me: love. I said no, so he taught it to me again and then said it is more important that I remember that word than his name (because I remembered that... He was the first and only Max I have met in this country). He then said, "without love you cannot live" and with that I completely agree. As the Beatles say... All you need is love.

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