19 May 2011

The American

Today I had to go to my raion, Riscani, because I somehow happened to misplace my bank card.... Imagine that. Me misplacing something? Ha. Anyways, it's unfortunate because I had to miss another day of classes after missing Monday-Wednesday from being sick. It took me all of 5 minutes to fill out the necessary paperwork to have a new card made, but due to the bus schedules I won't get back until 6th period, which is actually perfect timing for my direct taught class.

Anyways, I had lots of free time so I decided to take a walk through the piata which was bustling with people this morning due to the beautiful weather and the weekend coming up. As I walked by a bunch of women selling flowers and herbs, I briefly heard one woman say, "That's the American!" so I turned around. I had no idea who she was, but apparently we rode the bus together from Riscani to Chisinau on Monday when I went there. It's kind if fun to stand out sometimes but other times it isn't such a good thing, like when you're trying to bargain at the piata and they won't lower the prices because they know you're an American and so therefore you're super rich.... Right? Because we all know that is totally true. Ummm... Not so much.

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