06 June 2011


In the last few days that I've been home I've had 4 photo shoots and 2 weddings.... and 13 more photo shoots to go. I am super excited about all of these and let's just say it is really, really, REALLY going to be hard to go back to Moldova. I guess the whole going back part won't be too difficult... but the staying there might be. It's hard coming back home and having all of these amazing opportunities present themselves... and even though every one of these will still be here next year, it's tempting.

Photos and stories will come soon. I promise.... I'm just still a bit overwhelmed at the moment and functioning on very little sleep. But I will leave you with a very funny quote from one of my best friends who got married yesterday. She said, "Why do the best days of your life always have to be centered around the vagina?!" (The best days of your life meaning your wedding night and when you have children)


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