13 May 2011

Eating outside

One of my favorite things about being in Moldova is eating outside. At home I feel like we only ate outside for birthdays when I was little, or for a BBQ... but here it happens almost every day when the weather is nice. Last night was the first night of the season that we ate outside and I was so excited! It's wonderful to be in the fresh air and to enjoy the weather. Tonight we ate outside, too, and it was so funny because all of a sudden the animals (chickens, geese, turkeys) on the other side of the fence started making a TON of ruckus!! In a total "outside voice" I was almost yelling at my host mom in order for her to hear me ask, "Why are they making all of that noise?" She kind of chucked and said she didn't know. I let it go. Then she brought it up again, which made me think that maybe she really did know what was going. She finally said, ei face dragoste which means, "they're making love". My host dad didn't think it was very amusing, but my host mom and I sure got a laugh out of it!

Vasile came to visit us last night. My host mom gave him some placinta and told him to eat it. Once my host dad got up, Vasile decided to sit down and join us in place of my host dad. He said he wanted a plate, but he wanted a plate from home... which we obviously didn't have since he lives a couple of houses down. So I gave him my plate, and he seemed content. Then he wanted some of the soda to drink, so my host mom had us pour it in the super-sized mug we use for wine (the wine was already gone). He didn't want that- he wanted the shot-glass-mug that we use to drink the wine with. Eventually he gave in and drank the soda from the super-sized mug, and then took the placinta and went on his way.

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