21 May 2011

Rapture bbq

I must say that I had an absolutely wonderful Rapture day. I spent it with great friends in Chisinau. We went to a market where I found red onions and fresh ciilantro to make salsa and also an oriental salad. Wegrilled beer sausages and had a huge bonfire to teach Moldovans, Scotts, and Dutch people about hcw Americans do bbqs... And make s'mores. We ran out of crackers,though, and the guy from Denmark thought it would be a good idea to use chili flavored tortilla chips instead.... I think he's crazy, but then again I didn't try it so I can't judge.

I also got to play with a 3 1/2 year old who reminded me that it isn't always necessary to have a common language to have a connection... Which is something I seem to have forgotten lately.

As 6pm approached we started counting down for the supposed rapture, but thankfully we all stuck around to enjoy the rest of the evening...

I couldn't have asked for a better rapture day or to spend it with a more amazing group of people and a great start to the last full week of school :)

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