05 May 2011

Peace and quiet

When I was a senior in high school, one of the AP English teachers had what I thought was an awesome plan. Whenever we took a test if we didn't get a 70% or higher we had to come in before school to take the test again and again (which could have been the same test or another version... we randomly pulled it from a drawer) until we got a 70% or higher. If I remember correctly he was at school around 5 am, which gave us ample time to come in and take the test (but of course I never knew this because I never had to retake a test... uh-huh...). Even as a morning person I always wondered why he liked to get to school SO early and after today I get it.

The school is finally warm-ish and so I am not bundling up and booking it home to get warm again as soon as the final bell rings. So I stuck around today for an hour to get some studying done for the GRE and if it wasn't for the fact that I was hungry and afraid I'd get locked in (it's happened before!) I would have stayed longer. You see, as soon as the bell rings everyone hurries out of the school- most teachers included-so it was very peaceful and quiet... much similar to how I would assume it's like before school at my high school. At my high school there are always sports teams practicing after school and running through the halls and it gets pretty crazy... not a very good working environment. So now I get it. There is just something about a quiet school that leads to a lot of production.


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  2. Thanks for the tip! I look forward to using it to help me study!