20 October 2010

What is TDY

I forgot to let you know what TDY is... I'm not sure what it stands for but it's an apartment that Peace Corps has for those of us that are sick (or going through therapy, or something medical related). We cannot have guests (unless pre-approved and they can only stay during certain times of the day). There are 3 rooms with 2 beds each, and then one bigger bed in the living room, 2 bathrooms (one with a tub, one with a shower), a living room, and a kitchen. We are provided with bed linens, towels, and things to cook with (although we have to buy our own food). If we stay more than 2 days (I believe) they give us a stipend for food. It's actually a sweet deal... if you plan ahead and bring a computer/book/something else to do and a change of clothes... which is usually a good idea any time you come to see PCMedical. I'll post pictures later... but right now they currently won't post.

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