24 October 2010

Fall walk

Every time I go to-and from- Varatic I see this beautiful tree lined road going to a small village not far from Varatic. I've always wanted to tell the driver to stop so I could take a picture but, well, that's not exactly appropriate and I'm sure many Moldovans would be irritated with me. So instead of doing that, this last time coming home from Chisinau I paid attention to just how far away it was from my village... and it didn't seem all that far... definitely walkable.

So, as soon as Ross arrived on Friday he mentioned the same road so I figured as long as the weather cooperated with us that Saturday would be a perfect day to go for a walk. We bundled up and headed out around 1.

... Just over 4 hours later we were back at home. That "definitely walkable" distance seemed a lot closer with a car!! We were both exhausted by the time we got home but we did see some pretty things. Once arriving in this village (Horodiste), we found out about 1200 people live there. The huge hill that we wanted to walk up- until we arrived in the village and decided that will have to be for another day- supposedly has gold in it (NMG said). NMG also will not stop laughing at our trip, and making fun of us, saying tomorrow we are going to talk to the next "closest" village, and then the next, and then the next... lol. It's quite funny, but I don't really see what was wrong with our little hike...???

Regardless, here are some pictures!

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