28 October 2010


Halloween was always a big deal for me growing up. My mom was a seamstress and she made costumes for my sister and me every year... beginning our first Halloween when we were (STILL) in the hospital (a year later we were featured on the October issue of the Neonatal magazine wearing our costumes she made us!). Once I got to college I somehow lost the spirit of halloween when girls started dressing in as little as possible and the holiday became just another excuse to get ridiculously drunk. Halloween was no longer fun for me and, well, my mom wasn't around to through the best parties like she used todo when I was little. So the past few years I've never been in the mood to find a costume because, let's face it: it was never as good as the one my mom made for me.

This year, unfortunately, was the same story. Moldovans don't celebrate halloween, nor do many students really know what it is. Past volunteers have said that they've thrown halloween parties for their students and they went CRAZY over them. Well, that just wasn't on my agenda...

...until I got to my 10th form class and did some activities with them relating to halloween (make your neighbor a mummy out of TP, coloring pages, a spooky story involving the audience, and It's a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown). They absolutely loved it and wanted to throw a halloween party after break. Now I feel like I let them down by not putting one together, but at least I know it will be well received next year and we'll be able to have a great time... and hopefully their enthusiasm will make me more that much more excited!

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