21 October 2010


What a nice day!!

Today began by Peace Corps Medical telling me I could go home. While I was secretly hoping to stay another night, I didn't disagree. Until a couple of hours later and every time I took a deep breath I could feel something in my lungs... it didn't hurt, I could just hear/feel it, and I assumed that's not a good thing. So I called medical back and she said she won't be able to see me until tomorrow because she's on a site visit. So, while I wanted to stay another night due to the comfort of being here, I now have to stay another night because I'm not better... and I'm hoping it doesn't mean I have to spend the weekend here- because I'd much rather be at home.

After hanging out in the Peace Corps lounge for awhile I decided to be productive today because the weather was beautiful (a high of 55ยบ!). A photowalk was definitely necessary. I grabbed my camera and started walking- with no destination in mind. I started off at the Central Piata and spoke to a woman who was selling crawfish and orange things that looked a lot like shrimp. She assumed I was a photojournalist working for a paper, but no, I was just enjoying the day and the sites!

That was too crowded so I moved out of there and ended up at the Art Piata. There was so much more artwork than the last time I was there! I heard a woman speaking with an American accent so I approached her and asked if she needed help. We ended up talking for awhile... her husband is here for 2 weeks working with some hospitals because he is an orthapedic surgeon. After talking with her (and making her feel better about her daughter wanting to join the Peace Corps) I kept walking.... and then bumped into her again. I worked my magic to talk down a price of a painting for her and it worked :) I then asked to take his photograph, and then the photograph of another man who tried to get my to buy his trinkets. While I don't plan on purchasing anything from the second man, I really did like the paintings of the first and I know I will be back later.

Then I walked down to the Stefan Cel Mare statue to meet up with another volunteer so I could take some pictures for a cover of a literary magazine that will be out shortly. While waiting for him I came across a sign that I found interesting and began to photograph it- and then the "owner" of the sign came up to me and asked me to take his picture along with it. He was protesting something and said that he'd called the police and the media so they could film a protest- but they never showed up and neither did more people to protest. But I showed up to take his picture apparently! He game me his home phone number and said to call him next week so I can give him his picture. I'm pretty sure he'll still be there so I'll print it and give it to him then...

After this man pulled 2 soldiers over to be in a picture with him (of which I still don't fully understand why he did that), I met up with the other volunteer. We went on the walk and weren't able to get exactly what we wanted but the colors were still beautiful in the trees and so I'm sure we'll figure something out.

On the way back to Peace Corps we met saw a man who was playing a guitar and singing- which is a really rare thing to see here in Moldova. I wanted to take his picture, but the "shy" side of me came out and I didn't want to do it... but Josh said he'd give the guy some money because he wanted to take his picture, too. We snapped a few shots and then continued walking- and then the man stopped playing. Then the not-shy me came out and I went back and talked to him. His Romanian wasn't that good because he's from Russia but he asked if I knew French. While I majored in it, Romanian lessons has really messed me up when I want to say something. I told him I understood it, and so then he spoke to me in French and I responded in Romanian. Apparently he moved to Moldova when Russia was still in the Soviet. He has a Moldovan wife and they had a daughter, but a long time ago she died (very sad). That was about all we could talk about because I was trying too hard to remember my French and couldn't... but he said he wanted to sing a song for me and asked me in what language I wanted to hear it. I said French since that's what he was just speaking in- and he began to sing- and I began to film. Because I forgot my card reader at home I cannot post the pictures/video right now but I promise I will this weekend...because it was all really fascinating.

Now it's time to rest so hopefully I can go home tomorrow.

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