25 October 2010

Back to school

After being gone almost one week from school, I must admit it was great to be back, even if I was a bit out of the loop. Being away during the schedule planning time with my partner teachers makes it difficult because we have to play the lessons by ear... and that just doesn't work so well with me... regardless, it is what it is and after fall break (next week!!!!) things will be back on track.

I brought my camera to school today because I had arranged with my students that we were going to begin filming for a video competition this weekend. I guess because I was gone all last week that they either forgot about it or became uninterested... I'm not so sure. Only 3 students showed up- but they were not prepared for filming. So we'll see where it goes...

But while I was waiting for those 3 students, I pulled some other kids aside for some pictures in the leaves. Then I walked over to where the men were working on the repairs for the school and talked to them for awhile, while taking their pictures. They asked me some questions about where I'm from in America, what I'm doing here, and how repairs are done in America. In Moldova everything is done by hand so it takes a lot more time to finish. The repairs they began in September probably won't be finished until the first of the year, but that all depends on the weather. They said if it snows, they won't work (which is frustrating for us in the school because it's cooooooold because the new windows aren't sealed yet and the central heating isn't installed). Unlike Ross (who is excited for snow because he's only seen it 4 times in his life!) I'm crossing my fingers that it doesn't snow soon... December would be nice!!

In the meantime, I'm curled up in bed under my blanket while the soba is slowly (but surely) warming up. NMG went to Riscani (our Rayon center) to the hospital today... hopefully she gets better soon!

Sisters... makes me realize just how much I really do miss my sister. (On a sidenote- this girl on the right? She is an incredible student. This is her first year learning English and she's learning so quickly. She writes down every vocabulary word- even if it's not really a vocabulary word- how she hears it, so then she reproduces it perfectly. Wow.)
This will be the classroom I share with Luminita when it's finished.

This is the playground at the school. I'm thinking about a side project of repairing the blacktop and adding an actual playground...?
This is where the girls were hiding.. not safe!!
The following pictures are of some of the men working on our school:

These are the girls I took to play in the leaves

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