19 October 2010


Since I'm not getting any better and had a new (and unpleasant symptom) show up, I decided to call the Peace Corps Medical staff during my break. She told me she wanted to see me today. It was 11:30am by the time we got off the phone and the next rutiera to Chisinau was at noon- I had 30 minutes to run home, gather my things (since I assumed I'd be staying at least one night), and be out the door. I realized just as the rutiera came into view that I'd left most of my money at home and I had barely enough for the rutiera ride and then some groceries for dinner. I've also stripped my account almost bare just to make sure I always have enough for rent. Well, I definitely have enough for rent... but not so much for here! Good thing more money will be deposited to my account tomorrow (I hope) and I'll be giving a friend the iPhone she bought from me, so I'll get some money that way, too.... whew!

As I was hurrying around my room trying to gather my things to go, my host mom walked in with more wood for the soba- and I informed her I was coming to Medical and I wasn't sure when I would be returning. She seemed very concerned and ran to the casa mica to prepare me a "sandwich" (aka bread and some meat patties) and a few apples for the road. It's clear she has a heart- and is warming up to me (or maybe it's that I'm finally allowing her to warm up to me... I'm not so sure!).

So, I made it safe and sound to Chisinau. The doctor likes to speak in medical terms which I don't understand, so what I did understand is I had something that turned into bronchitis- and it's viral (apparently it's always something viral when we see the medical personnel here). Regardless, I was given lots of medicine to clear the gunk out of my lungs and my nose which should soon stop the coughing and once the virus is taken care of, the stomach issues, too. Doctors orders were also to take a bath- which I tried to do (and needed desperately to do) but unfortunately the water wasn't hot enough to make it enjoyable. Maybe tomorrow it will be hotter so I can sit in there for more than 5 minutes :)

In the meantime... I'm in Chisinau for probably tonight and tomorrow night resting, taking lots of medication, and hoping to get better soon. While it's nice and cozy and wonderful because I'm cooking (only rice for now... but, hey, I'm still cooking!!)... I'm probably going to start missing the kiddos soon, even though they've been driving me crazy these past couple of weeks (probably due to my lack of energy, giving me lack of patience!)...

Time for NyQuil so I can get some sleep... Night!!!

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