07 October 2010


It is officially becoming winter here in Moldova. I think Mother Nature forgot about fall... the leaves, however, are pretty shades of yellow and orange in some locations. I need to go on another photo walk! I just don't feel prepared at all for this winter... but I thought I had plenty of great (and correct) freezing temperature layers. Which, actually, I do. As long as I'm walking. But when I'm just sitting/standing still I'm freezing! Any ideas on how to fix that? I wish I'd brought a sleeping bag but decided against it because when figuring out what to pack someone had said they brought one and haven't even touched it and the mama gazda's hook you up with so many blankets that you're set. Well, I have 1 and I'd prefer 100 more... at least while I'm falling asleep because once I'm asleep it's fine. But what about when I'm sitting at my computer? SO cold!

It is, however, soba season. The soba is this ceramic or brick oven-ish wall where you put wood in it and light a fire for 30 mins or 1 hour and the room will be warm for hours- as long as you keep your door closed so the heat can't escape. My NMG (new mama gazda, aka host mom) apparently "turned on" the soba yesterday morning before she went to work in the field. When I came home at 7pm (after being gone all day- that story will come later), my room was warm and I thought she'd just lit the fire. Nope! Almost 12 hours earlier... but then I tried to ask them if they could light another one for the night/morning. The answer was no because:
1. Was I cold at that moment? No.
2. Was I cold last night? No.
3. Do I want 7 months of winter? No.

I guess that means I'll only be warm sometimes. But that's ok. I mean, it's only 39ºF right now. It's going to get SO much colder...

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