02 October 2010


Yesterday was one for the record books. I would havemade this post last night (like I wanted to) but my internet wasn't working. Go figure. On Monday that is all going to change because one of my students is going to help me get a new internet stick that actually has coverage here in the area. For 150 lei a month you get 5GB of downloads. After the 5GB are used up it goes to a slower speed. When he brought over the stick yesterday to test it out the 5GB were used up, yet the webpages were still loading literally in a blink of an eye. No, I'm not joking. Skype will be up and running next week! And more pictures will be posted! YES!

Bad news:

I got told I smile too much? Sup
posedly my students think that I think everything (good and bad) they do is OK because I am always smiling. And I shouldn't be too friendly with them in the halls because they get the wrong idea? I guess I don't fully understand this... but I can't help how much I smile. I'm happy and the kids make me happy. Maybe I need to put on a "tough gal" face more often... but that's hard when they aren't really don't anything that bad... usually :P

Good news 1!!!!!!

After teaching my 8th form class one of my students (the one I got so excited about because she was remembering the vocabulary words when we did a very kinesthetic exercise) came up to me. She had come to the not-really-a-club English Club but had to leave halfway through because of something or another (it wasn't her choice). So, she came up to me and asked if I was going to have another lesson after school. Unfortunately it wasn't in the plans but fortunately I had all day free because Ross is at a session in Chisinau so I wasn't going anywhere. She met me at the time we agreed on and was so excited to learn. She was trying so hard and doing a wonderful job.

What I love most about this particular student is her drive and determination to learn. She is that student that has been picked on throughout her schooling. If I say her name, some students turn their noses up and say, "oooh. Yea, that girl." They say she smells and she's weird. I say she deserves another chance. Her parents left her when she was little, and abandoned her with her sick grandmother. She doesn't know how to ta
ke care of herself because no one taught her. She doesn't know how to study because no one taught her. She wants to learn and she's finally taking an initiative to do so. I am so excited that I'm the one she's come to for help!

But those two things weren't the only great things from the day!

Good news 2!!!!!

When I got home from school my NTG was giving a math lesson to some students. They were done shortly after I arrived home, and I went to
go get some lunch in the casa mica. He followed me shortly after and was in a super good mood telling me what there was to eat, and this, that, and the other. Seriously, I've never seen him in t
his good of a mood before! He was so helpful and smiley. Because he had a lot of work to do moving the corn, pumpkins, and squash from the outside of our gate to somewhere behind the house, and my NMG was going to be working in the fields till pretty late, I told them I would make dinner.
I cooked gnocchi because, well, it requires few ingredients and is supposed to be fast. It took me 3 hours instead of 1 because I think I made enough for the entire village of Varatic. It cooled much faster than I expected it to so when I served it it wasn't exactly hot, and for some reason neither was the butter garlic sauce. But my NTG and NMG were both very thankful and happy and they said it was delicious even though it was cooled. We talked throughout dinner and nothing seemed awkward at all- which is a huge jump from the night(s) before. I think I should start doing this more often, especially because NMG is working really hard all day in the fields and I'm sure the last thing she wants to do when she gets home is cook dinner...


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