25 October 2010

Uh-huh whaaaa?

This story goes out to Bette and Paul:

The first time my sister and I visited Bette and Paul in Pennsylvania we were 12 years old. Our language consisted of a lot of "uh huh"'s and "unh-unh"'s. Paul pointed that out to us and ever since then it kind of became a joke when we were talking to him. Now I have realized this has gone further than BearDance because at dinner tonight my host dad corrected me and said that we do not say "uh-huh", we say, "da" (yes), and we do not say "unh-unh," we say, "nu" (no).


I quickly became aware of how often I was not responding appropriately (although that is slightly different when asked a question when food is in your mouth!!)... and I couldn't believe just how often that was really happening.

Uh-huh, it's time to start speaking with words. No more of this miming and "I speak like a 3 year-old" business. :)

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