10 October 2010

First Date

Ross and I had our first date this weekend.

I'm sure you're probably saying, "But, Cate! H
ow is this possible? You've been dating for 3 months!" Well, let me tell you.

Being a Peace Corps Volunteer in Moldova- and being so far from the capital- doesn't really make it easy to go on a real date, especially when in the villages. There aren't restaurants for us to go to for dinner, no one is really out after dark, and our host moms are really good at cooking us dinner. So, because of this, there is no need/ability to go out for dinner.

Usually when we are in Chisinau we rent an apartment with a group of friends which makes our stay much cheaper and rather fun since we try to squeeze as many people in to one small apartment as we can. But, due to a certain conversation with some other volunteers, I decided I would much prefer an apartment that I know will be super squeaky clean.

We called around but there weren't too many vacancies due to the National Wine Fest. We finally found a place: http://en.villanatali.com/. I highly recommend it if you happen to venture to Chisinau. They are known for having a very clean reputation, the stay is SO friendly and helpful, and breakfast is included in the rate!

After getting checked in we went on a walk to try to find some dinner. We ended up at Zen Sushi- which is a sushi place with a different colored plates being equivalent to different prices. The food was surprisingly good (and I trusted the fish!!) and it was so metro. I didn't feel like I was in Moldova at all- and then we went to a corner cafe with French and Italian desserts and pastries and, once again, I felt as though I was outside of Moldova. Then when we got back to the hotel we adjustable heating- oh the things we take for granted in America!

It was quite an expensive weekend but it was such a wonderful get-away after being so frustrated with my students and the results on their tests. Maybe we don't need to go to Paris for New Years Eve... just kidding. It's still a necessity. :)

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