27 December 2010

When travelling....

When travelling, especially when working abroad, always have all of your documentation with you. Because, if you're like me, you'll get a nice person at customs who is concerned about you getting back into the country to go back to work once done traveling, and she'll not want to stamp your passport. Imassured her Imwouod be able to get proof and everything would be okay, especially because I have my regular passport (not given to me by Peace Corps) that will allow me back in-country. (Note to self: always have all forms of identification because a passport is never enough. Unless you're in America.)

Also, make sure you are actually going up to your friend at the airport instead of a random girl who looks like your friend... Because if it's not your friend, she will be really confused as to why you're putting all of your thugs next to her when there are plenty of open seats... While speaking English.

Also, don't try to speak in the official language if the country unless you're 100% fluent. All of the employees speak English.

And finally- if you've been following the blog of someone who has been living and working in the same country as you, don't be afraid to say hello. It may seem kinda stalker-ish, but they appreciate that they're not just writing for themselves, and if we keep and open blog it's because we like the attention. At least that's what I thought when I went to say hello to Judithanne and her daughter, Peggy, as they were getting their bags all packed for their official journey back home. Little Peggy asked me if I was her mom's student, where I was going, and then she told me they had a lot of luggage (I would, too, if I were them!)

... Currently still in the airport waiting for our plane that was supposed to be taking off 20 minutes ago.

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  1. Also- know the denomination you are holding. Tipping a hotel employee the equivalent of $60 USD to help you carry 4 bags to the car is not funny to spouse):-